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Automatic Water or Liquid Pouch Filling Machine

Automatic Water or Liquir Pouch Filling Machine

Automatic Water or Liquid Pouch Filling Machine

Application And Process
Pouch Filling Machine are Single track or double track Pouch filling machines available in various web control option such as electronic edge control and pneumatic hydraulic web controller. This machine can pack product in pouch and seal automatically all free flowing products like powders,snacks,liquids,grains,chemical,spices, food,pharmaceutical products etc. The feeding of material and cutting the pouch can be determined by the desired pouch length or by photo registration mark which is detected by a visual sensor, mostly single web system is utilized for food industries mostly the dual web four side seal is often utilized for pharma products. Vertical form fill seal machine price in India is mostly varies and depends on the quality of machine and its mechanism, machine made by Abucks Inc has marked its reputation in local and International market due to its precise and effortless pouch packaging.

Production Output 30-60 pouches per min (depending upon density of product / size/ etc.)
Number of track Single
Max roll width 250 mm
Max roll diameter 180 mm
Max length of pouch 140 mm
Film draw mechanism Servo / clutch brake
Compressed air 6CFM @ 6kg / cmsqz
Electrical power Upto 3 kw
Main body a) Stainless steel b) MS with powder coated
Sealing center seal / 4 side sealing / 3 side sealing
Dimensions L-1200 mm W-500 mm H-1800 mm
Machine weight 800 kg approx.